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It's been a long time, hasn't it?

I feel like there may be a little too much to catch up on! There have been a lot of highlights over the past two years: finishing my post-grad, organising the Hogwarts High Tea fundraiser, cosplaying dream characters like Remus (and then Sirius!), Nightwing, Maddie Hatter and Belle. And then of course there was the entirety of 2013, which was spent in the US working in Walt Disney World. Yup, that was a thing that happened!

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Unfortunately I'm probably not here to stay - although I actually still keep up with my friends list and read all the posts there, I'm not exactly prone to posting these days. If you are interested in finding me in other places, we have:

Tumblr (there's also a cosplay tag)
(also if you'd like to follow all the Marauder photos from WWoHP - there's more to come! - we're using the tag #moonymarauders on tumblr)

hopefully I'll see you over there!
Astrid goes for a spin

2011: A fond farewell

And what a year it's been. Since I'm absolutely terrible at keeping up with journals & haven't done a single proper recap of an event that actually occurred this year, I'm doing a fly-by recap of aaaaall the events.

Er. Sorry.

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For me, 2011 has seen dozens of mind-blowing fannish moments, a thousand opportunities, new friends and a family reconciliation. I've been fully registered as a psychologist, seen dreams set in motion, and I've developed as a person. It's been one of the best years of my life, and I'm more grateful for it than I can say.
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My own little reality


I am breaking my long-held radio silence to STEAMPUNK UP THE PLACE. It is amazing, I am like the last person to post these photos, EVEN THOUGH THE SHOOT WAS *YESTERDAY* CHRIST THIS IS EFFICIENCY.


This was a TRULY STUPID AMOUNT OF FUN. The cosplayers were all friends, all lovely, and entirely drama-free. ;D The photographer (David Tang was *amazing* - talented, super-quick and honestly the nicest photographer I've dealt with so far. And the support crew: the make up artist (so friendly and helpful, and damn good at what she does!), the organiser (poor guy was put through his paces), the modeling coach (that was new, but she was so lovely about giving advice) and the marketing advisor (coming up with ideas and things!). Everyone was just fantastic, and the day went brilliantly.

So please, my dear friends;

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Man, what a wonderful day. I don't think it'll be the last by any means - so looking forward to the next one. Also, if anyone reading this (Rena, Abi, I'm looking at you!) has a steampunk outfit (or wants to make one) to showcase on a catwalk at a Steampunk party on October 21st, let me know!

Also there's a steampunk party on October 21st. XD

Now I'm just trying to lure the photographer towards cosplay - apparently he's done it before, but has had some bad experiences with people in the subculture. D: I SHALL STILL TRY!
Dressing up and playing out

Well, damn

Ha ha ha I definitely don't have time to finish Sakura by the weekend, but at work today I was struck by a flash of inspiration:

I could do Miwako!

I had already bought the fabric, the pattern - all the materials I would need. And it's just a simple dress, so easily done within a week. So the day was spent happily planning away, and when I made it home...whoops.

Forgot I cut up the material to make a scarf for someone's Secret Santa present last year. -_____-;

On the plus side, it was an awesome scarf.
Die in a fire

Bring it

Well, the new semester (and by "new" I mean like "three weeks old" because I'm on top of things like that) looks like another barrel of sunshine and joy. The timetable, as it stands:

Mondays: Placement, 9.00am - 6.00pm (+1.5hrs commute each way)
Tuesdays: Placement, 8.30am - 6.00pm (+1.5hrs commute each way)
Wednesdays: Class, 9.00am - 12.00noon; Tutor's meeting, 12.00noon - 1.00pm; Class, 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Thursdays: Tutoring, 9.00am - 1.00pm
Fridays: Class, 9.00am - 4.00pm

And yeah, there's supposed to be 2.5 days of data collection per week currently unaccounted for, but let's just ignore that particular impossibility for now shall we?

+ I have: a case presentation, a psychometric assessment, a 10,000 word case report and a 4-5 page assignment on myself* (!) due this month.

But you know what?


(Smash! cosplay likely not happening though, who cares, I'm seriously enjoying playing photographer anyway)

*This is actually super interesting - it's about analysing your family and trying to figure out how your background has a) shaped you into becoming a psychologist and b) determined what biases, weaknesses and strengths you may have as a clinician. Hard, but awesome-town.
This is Berk

FFAC: The Photoshoot (Outtakes)

Or rather: outtakes, bloopers, behind-the-scenes, non-canon pairings and general shenanigans. Slash-friendly, because apparently if you dress a bunch of girls like a bunch of guys you can't actually stop them from macking on each other constantly. Go figure.


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MY GOD, you must all be sick of me. This is the last one for tonight, I promise!

Looking forward to the next shoot, either behind the scenes or in costume. Which may actually be tomorrow, if Anna gets around to donning Kefka again!
Coming back around

FFAC: The Photoshoot

Ooooh boy. The Final Fantasy Advent Children shoot: a day of last minute Reno recruitment, frostbite and 500+ photos that took FOREVER to sort. There's...a lot of photos. To go easy on everyone, I'm doing two posts: one for the srsbns and one for the crack. That way you can stagger your photo consumption (or filter by interest XD). It's totally worth it, because this was a day full of goddamn beautiful people.

As will become obvious, I didn't take all these photos. If I know who did, I'll make a note (in fact, I don't think I even took most of them. My god my camera's a bit of a slut). Some of them still need a bit of photoshopping - these are all raw.

(Taken by: Steve) The cast list, L-clockwise: Myself (Yuffie), Ailee (Cloud), Anna (Reno), Vlad (Rufus), Anita (Sephiroth) and Suri (Aerith).

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PHEW. That was exhausting. -___-; If I can scrape together the energy, the outtakes will be along in a second!

Cheers to a fantastic day. Am I the only one that ends up enjoying group photoshoots more than cons?