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It's been a long time, hasn't it?

I feel like there may be a little too much to catch up on! There have been a lot of highlights over the past two years: finishing my post-grad, organising the Hogwarts High Tea fundraiser, cosplaying dream characters like Remus (and then Sirius!), Nightwing, Maddie Hatter and Belle. And then of course there was the entirety of 2013, which was spent in the US working in Walt Disney World. Yup, that was a thing that happened!

In 2012 my costumes were pretty few - I had a thesis to finish, and a surgery that knocked me out of the way for a couple of months. But I was still around for the cons:

Batwoman and Belle for Supanova

And steampunk for Smash! - since I was presenting a panel on it!

Brisnova was a quiet one as I prepared to fly out for the US, but I did get to be a companion for a while! xD

Hogwarts Hight Tea was organised right at the end of 2012 to raise money for the Starlight Foundation - man, it was so much fun. It ended up disgustingly hot on the day, but people got into the swing of things anyway! You can find more photos of the event here. :D

I also finnnnaaallly managed to cosplay Remus, after years of meaning to. :'D

Rounded out the year with a couple of photoshoots - including Nightwing! - before DUN DUN DISNEY

I don't even know where to START in regard to Disney photos - it was a full year! So many things I had the opportunity to do...tour Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion, tour the Creative Costuming department, network with their consumer insight team, see WDW on all the major holidays, dress up on Halloween. Visited Disneyland for free too!

Not to mention...I got to work for Disney :'D

I finally got to attend Dragon*Con...and cosplay Madeline Hatter! She was an awful lot of fun :'D

And I was able to meet the Mad Hatter too ;D

There was also NYCC and an Earth 63 Joker along the way, but I don't know where all the photos for that went! I'll have to do a proper shoot for it some day. :3

NOT TO MENTION HARRY POTTER WORLD. We did a Marauders shoot (two, actually!) of truly epic proportions, which resulted in a LOT of photos and this parody of Frozen.

This post is getting a tad long so I MIGHT END IT HERE even though I feel like I've hardly scratched the surface

Unfortunately I'm probably not here to stay - although I actually still keep up with my friends list and read all the posts there, I'm not exactly prone to posting these days. If you are interested in finding me in other places, we have:

Tumblr (there's also a cosplay tag)
(also if you'd like to follow all the Marauder photos from WWoHP - there's more to come! - we're using the tag #moonymarauders on tumblr)

hopefully I'll see you over there!
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